“Light Your Passion”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Question: How long does it take to produce and ship?

Answer: Production time varies depending on demand, stock art or custom designs. We will advise you of a time frame at time of order.

Question: Is there a warranty?

Answer: Please see warranty page on our website.

Question: Will you be offering more models and graphics in the future?

Answer: Makes and models will be added frequently, along with additional graphics to choose from. Check back often for the latest products.

Question: How is custom art handled?

Answer: If you wish to place an order using custom artwork, you will work directly with a member of our design team.

Question: If I order a custom, will it be a one of a kind?

Answer: No, the art will be specifically designed for you, but will enter our inventory for future windshields.

Question: Is there any way to have a true one of a kind?

Answer: Yes. For an additional charge, we will customize artwork for you and it will never, ever be reproduced by us.

Question: What is a “re-curve”?

Answer: The top of the windshield has a slight outward bend to better deflect wind.

Question: Will the etching affect my vision?

Answer: We never etch any graphics within the field of view.

Question: Is it safe to ride with the windshield lit?

Answer: Refer to our disclaimer on the website and your state’s individual laws.

Question: Is it DOT approved?

Answer: Our products are made of DOT approved materials, and have a DOT stamp on the windshield.

Question: How do I install it?

Answer: For optimum results, we highly recommend Dealer installation.

Question: Should lighting be wired to the ignition switch?

Answer: No. It must be wired through an accessory switch.


Question: How do I order?

Answer: Please refer to our order page or contact us directly.

Question: How do I purchase?

Answer: You will receive a PayPal invoice via your email.

Question: Do you charge sales tax?

Answer: To orders shipped to residents of Wisconsin.


Question: Can I become a dealer?

Answer: If you are an established motorcycle dealership, please submit a dealer inquiry form on this site.

Question: What is the best way to care for this product?

Answer: Always use a soft cloth to clean and never wipe with paper towels.


Question: What is your return policy?

Answer: If product arrives damaged or not working upon arrival, return for a replacement. After installation please see our warranty.

We reserve the sole right to refuse any custom artwork at our discretion.


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