Welcome to Illumatek of Milwaukee, Inc, proud manufacturer of the only patented laser etched and illuminated windshields for motorcycles. It is no secret, motorcycle enthusiasts love to customize and accessorize their bikes. At Illumatek, we help you completely personalize your bike to your individual sense of style.

About Our Custom Windshields

We manufacture custom designed motorcycle windshields illuminated and engraved with stunning artwork. Our custom designed lighting systems are installed within the windshield, giving the artwork an incredible glowing effect. All artwork and lighting is designed to leave the main viewing field clear for optimum visibility. In addition, the edge of the windshield is lighted to provide you with added side visibility and increased rider safety. We do not provide installation for our custom windshields.



Windshield Standards

All of our windshields are created from high impact DOT approved materials. These materials offer you an excellent level of clarity while still providing you with a superb un-coated hard surface. These windshields offer you the same clarity and durability you would find in a factory installed windshield.

About the Artist

Blaine Heilman offers clients a wealth of experience and talent when it comes to artistic design. He is nationally renowned for his artistic abilities and creative skills. Blaine, co-inventor of the famous “Fish Tie” for Ralph Marlin has also completed custom artwork for Harley Davidson, the National Football League and many others. In addition to a custom design by our artistic team headed by “The Blainiac”, we also supply a large variety of stock images to meet all of your individual explore


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